From now on BossKayak customers will be able to request a digital loyalty card to take advantage of multiple benefits such as discounts, cashback to spend in-store, limited and exclusive offers, as well as stay updated on all the news in the world of river kayaking through the BossKayak app.

The method is innovative and is gaining more and more ground, for the first time in the commercial sector of canoe and kayak with BOSSKAYAK.

For each purchase, the loyalty card is recharged with an amount calculated as a percentage of the amount spent. The amount can be used as a discount on the next purchase to create an immediate incentive to return.

With the VIPCard, by making purchases in-store or online, you can also reach prize thresholds and access the benefits reserved for VIP customers of BOSSKAYAK.

You can also download time-limited Coupons to spend in-store or online, participate in promotions Instant Win, Rush & Win, and periodic draws

Furthermore, you can directly access Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube feeds without necessarily having to be registered on the social platforms.

And much more.

Send an email to to receive instructions on how to download the BOSSKAYAK VIP app and loyalty card


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