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Nookie Absolute
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Nookie Absolute

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Cockpit size
A durable, super stretchy UK made splash guard with latex bottom that fits any boat on the market

Black with yellow print
Black with black print

Deck: Keyhole, Bigdeck
Waist: XS, SM and LXL

The natural latex coating on the underside of the neoprene deck attaches to your boat, like nothing else, creating a super dry seal. A large light ring can be pulled when needed to release the deck. Armotex neoprene is DURABLE, REALLY DURABLE. This is used on the whole deck as the rocks are hard too! Super stretch neoprene waistband offers a snug, dry fit to all bodies, with 3 sizes available.
All seams are stitched and glued. They are assembled with the highest level of technology and provide a watertight seam. Tested in Chile, Colombia, Corsica and around the world including local UK rivers, this deck performs and is now one of the UK's most popular spraydeck picks.

Sturdy 4mm Armotex Neoprene Bridge Tube
elastic neoprene jersey 26 cm high and unbound for good
Bottom side coated in natural latex for dryness, grip and a snug fit Dry seams with invisible, glued and taped seams
9.5mm Bungee / shock cord bridge with excellent pre-stretch for cockpit grip

Circumference KEYHOLE - 195-225 cm from the side
front to back - 75-85
Circumference of the BIGDECK - 205-235 cm from the side
front to back - 85-95 cm

XS - 26 "66 cm - 30" 76 cm cm)
SM - 28 "71 cm - 34" 86 cm cm)
LXL - 32 "811 cm ) - 40 "102 cmm)