NRS Compact Rescue Throw Bag
NRS Compact Rescue Throw Bag

NRS Compact Rescue Throw Bag

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The NRS compact launch bag is an excellent choice for fast-water emergency work. Its compact shape and light weight are perfect for paddlers.
  • 5 cm mesh panel for better drainage and reduced drying times.
  • The 21.3m of 6mm polypropylene rope is yellow for high visibility.
  • The rope has a tensile strength of 431 kgf (4.2 kN) and floats for good visibility on the water.
  • A barrel drawstring is incorporated into a flared nylon top for smoother casting, plus easy reload and closure.
  • Internal foam buoyancy keeps the bag on the surface of the water where you need it for rescue.
Rope knots reduce tensile strength. for this reason we do not claim the robustness of a rescue bag. The maximum load indicated is for the rope only.