Like any beautiful river adventure, this holiday too has come to an end. It has been an intense 1 month and it is difficult to describe everything we have experienced. We will certainly always remember the huge waves of Futa, the jumps of Palguin, the very blue water of Puelo and the majestic Leona del Fuy, who is always there to remind you that even when the descent seems over, an important challenge could be right there waiting for you . I hope this video manages to convey, even if only in a very small part, the joy we felt living this experience, because it is not just 'canoeing', but it is sharing the beauty of a life on the river and connecting deeply with people who decide every day to share a line with you. ❤️Enjoy the movie! BOSS KAYAK Enevya DragoRossi Kayaks & Surfboards Elena Luciotti Davide Longoni Martina Rossi Paolo Ronga #kayak #kayakschool #nature #outdoor #sport #fun #hardfun #rafting #canoe #valsesia #riversoul #takemoreadventures

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