BossKayak is a kayaks retailer based in the UK and Italy. We love to share our passion for the river and the outdoors with our customers. Our aim is to supply the highest quality equipment and accessories and to supply them as soon as possible.

We are both resellers of some brands and brokers. We look for the product you requested at the best possible price and in the fastest possible availability and we ship it directly to your home. This is most of the time possible thanks to the many resellers and distributors for kayaks throughout Europe and we manage to deliver in 5/7 working days, but sometimes the availability at the best price is not always available and waiting times. they can also be extended up to 3 weeks.

We understand that shopping online can often be a daunting task. Our goal is to make the experience as pleasant as possible– www.bosskayak.eu it is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Enjoy the website and see you on the water!



The products for sale are the result of a careful technical selection among the brands currently on the market thanks to thirty years of commercial experience and as a whitewater kayak athlete.

The technical level and design is at the top as well as the use of top quality materials such as GoreTex, Trilaminates, Polartec, Kevlar, Carbon and neoprene to ensure maximum safety, waterproofness, breathability and durability.

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