The 2023 season is almost there.

This yearBossKayak  in Valsesia atRiversoul from April to September it will organize free and promotional days open to all dedicated to testing various kayaks and equipment.

The meeting point will be from RIVERSOUL tovia della Chiesa snc, in the municipality of Scopa (Vercelli) where we will move with shuttle and trolley in tow to go to the stretch of the Sesia river which will be chosen according to the water conditions.

       The test day will last approximately 3 hours and will take place on a 300/400 m stretch of the 2*/3* grade Sesia river where it will be possible to try out the various kayaks in turn.

At the end of the day for all the participants, there will be a rich raffle offered byBossKayak and you can relax with an apres kayak at a special price at the RiversoulCafe' .

All dates coming soon for info:


15+ models made available to test them

"Pyranha, Waka, Dragorossi, Lettmann, Jackson"

Scorch, Ripper 2, Firecracker, Machete, Horny Patato, DRX, Kush, Steeze, Goat, OG, Staut, Gnarvana, Antix 2 and more.......



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