We at BossKayak love to put aside "hearsay". This is why it is important to judge with your own head.

Sometimes it is difficult to be frank in judging and describing the sensations on a kayak, just a wrong parka or a bad passage that immediately blames the kayak ..... but this is always true?

It is even more difficult to judge a technical garment for its characteristics and above all materials and construction methods and only time will tell us if we have made the right choice or not.

There are various factors that influence our purchasing choices, so our advice is to think carefully before spending money and not to be influenced by "rumors" or not always straightforward impressions of SuperTopOvertheTopExraterrestriSuperSponsorizzato Kayakers.

  • PADDLINGITALY   it is a site managed by Paolo Santone 'one of the best Italian kayakers and C Unisti for freestyle and whitewater kayaking. Who does not remember his site "PlayboatingItalia" in the golden age of Italian freestyle! We believe that his reviews are impartial and not contaminated by commercial interests so we advise you to take a look if among the many articles there is the kayak or the product that interests you.
  • BRIANZATOUR  more than a site about kayaking product testing, it is a site for passionate and crazy people who love whitewater kayaking. Many times in their reports there are comments and descriptions of the kayaks used: undoubtedly both negative and positive comments have no contamination and sometimes they are even too sincere eh eh !!
  • UNSPONSORED  English site where you can find descriptions and tests on many products for whitewater kayaking, sometimes even before they are released on the market. We believe their items are well made and go far beyond the product description by also describing the technical processing details. We love to think they are truly unspoiled and "UNSPONSORED"
  • TEAMTRIAD is a blog managed by Emanuele Foschini one of the strongest and most technical kayakers in central / southern Italy. His videos in the waters of the house on the Nera river at the Marmore waterfalls give no room for bluffs and contamination. The images of the times render more than 1000 words.
  • BossMax  after 35 years of canoeing I feel like putting myself on this list of "pristine kayakers". If you need advice, especially as regards the materials, I think I can help you. My opinion will always be frank and sincere and outspoken. After so many years in this sector I feel I can say that I am now an expert in kayaking products. I don't feel like giving any advice on hulls as my opinion is very subjective and as a Sunday canoeist plus "short and fat!" but on the technical garments from water jackets, buoyancy aids, splash guards etc ... I think very modestly that I know enough: -...... Ok now I get off the pedestal and go back to the ground ah ah !!!

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