Lettmann's Rocky is the new version of white water in Corona Spring 2020. Theconnoisseurs will immediately notice: the name already existed. We say: Right! But we still had the Rocky stickers that we didn't want to throw away. But not only that, the idea behind the two Rockies is not that different ...

Because the Rocky I wasn't just Lettmann's first whitewater kayak in PE. The Rocky was also a highly innovative design, which even then set it apart from competing tree trunks in the four-meter class. Through sporty driving behavior, combined with a good dose of safety. The new Rocky also makes the same claims, obviously in a completely different guise.

We actually found another Rocky I in Lettmann's shed and dragged both boats into the water for a confrontation which, to be honest, wasn't very serious.

 The old Rocky is much heavier the Rocky II is much easier to handle, load and transport, also or mainly thanks to its low weight.

But whoever wants to bring his kayak ... we want to paddle. And we are really a little surprised by the water. Thanks to Corona, we are very limited when it comes to the possibilities of a white water comparison. Here in North Rhine-Westphalia almost only the Ruhr remains, as all official sports facilities are closed. But what we can experience on the water is a little surprise for us in the lively current of the Isenberg stream. The nearly 40-year-old PE cigar is surprisingly flexible, easy to rim, sails like a charm, and swings elegantly from swirl to swirl like a fairy. But that will please Klaus Lettmann, who still swears stone and leg for Rocky I.

The newcomer of course can also ride swirling waters. But the fat creek doesn't take full advantage of its advantages over the Isenburg creek - there are no steps, waterfalls and the block - actually everything a modern creek needs to play. Rather, "Grandpa Rocky I" scores here with his length, because he runs and allows the old boy to cross right to left with fewer paddle strokes. The presumably significantly low initial stability of the Rocky I is also no problem. Although almost round, it can be held on the edge and gives a feeling of security, even when it is wide brim.

The new Rocky feels safer, of course - beginners will love it. For those who, at least here in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Ruhr is also the ideal training area for the first steps in moving water. Especially on the route between Hattingen and the Isenberg-Schwall. The new Rocky owes its sympathy to the low, wide and flat hull, which can be seen in the initial stability and above all in the final stability. In addition, it offers the current comfort of a wide creek, with plenty of space in the seating area, flexible thigh rests and a well-shaped seat.

This test made us want to - and got us in the water during the time of Corona. It shouldn't be the only one. As soon as Holibu can be rowed again, we get the two ships there, then follow Part II of our "Rocky I vs. Rocky II" test - before finally heading to Soca. It will be a party!

Author: Christian Zicke


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