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Bold and versatile look thanks to the enveloping single lens that protects from atmospheric agents, improving vision and comfort on every occasion.
The white gold and black gold colors feature a category 4 lens.

Sunglasses they are not just an accessory for aesthetic purposes, but have the purpose of protecting the human eye from exposure to UV rays. Excessive exposure to these rays can cause, in the short or long term, diseases and disorders such as photokeratitis, cataracts and various forms of cancer. From the medical field, many experts herald the importance of glasses to ensure adequate protection from UV rays.
In recent years, studies have shown that HVB rays (blue lights) can also cause damage to the human eye such as macular degeneration. Children and the elderly are the subjects who can be affected the most, for this reason companies have started to produce glasses capable of ensuring valid protection even from HVB rays.

Category 4 lenses are technical lenses recommended for use in the high mountains for hiking and mountaineering. They are particularly suitable for use on glaciers where there is strong reflection from the snow and the monochromatic white of the ice can be very annoying.
Furthermore, the category 4 lens can also be used outside strictly mountain environments for very intense light conditions, and for subjects who are particularly sensitive to light.