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More safety, more comfort, better grip and high abrasion protection - this is what the hf Silverback spraydeck stands for. The whitewater spraydeck for the highest demands and remains reliable on the boat even in huge rapids and waterfalls. To open the spraydeck, the Silverback offers both a front handle loop and a knee strap. This ensures that you can get out of the boat quickly in all situations. To further increase strength, the side edges are equipped with an aramid ("Kevlar") reinforcement. The Silverback achieves a particularly airtight seal thanks to the "Phatlip": the edge of the rubber seal presses the neoprene lip under and against the edge of the seal so that no water can penetrate.In addition to the latex reinforcement in the coaming area, the Silverback has additional useful abrasion protection. Latex reinforcement around the chimney on the inside of the plate acts as abrasion protection through the high back straps and body-worn throwing bag. Of course, the Silverback's Kevlar side reinforcements exactly cover the particularly stressed areas.A small fine detail on the Silverback is the clip on the front opening loop. This allows you to fold up the blanket for walking and attach it to the life jacket shoulder strap. This makes running and climbing in kayak gear more comfortable and safer. The reflective print on the underside of the neoprene plate is unique: if the splash guard is folded during the ride and attached to the lifejacket shoulder strap with the small clip, not only the black neoprene plate can be seen, but of course also the print highly reflective. This means that the paddler is always easily recognizable on the way to the car, for example.

  • Plate material: extra thick 4mm thin cell multi-stretch neoprene with CrossTex lamination.
  • Chimney material: 4 mm multistretch neoprene
  • The neoprene seams are glued and stitched on sight
  • large front ring for easy opening
  • Knee belt for quick emergency exit (with lid locking buckle!)
  • extra wide latex coating on the underside of the plate for the best seal on the hatch and excellent sealing
  • Rubber Lining Edge: 9.5mm (strong, for PE kayaks)
  • Protrusion in Phatlip neoprene (DryLip) for additional hold on the coaming
  • Clip on the front opening loop: the blanket can be folded for walking and attached to the life jacket shoulder strap
  • pre-curled cut (better hold, less wear)
  • Reflective print on the underside of the neoprene plate: if the spraydeck is folded while walking, you can see not only the black neoprene plate, but of course also the highly reflective print
  • Also available with double flue as Silverback Twin Kevlar
  • made in England


Multi-stretch neoprene / CrossTex

This neoprene is characterized by its high elasticity in length and width. The finished product holds more firmly, seals better and is more comfortable to use. The external lamination is made of CrossTex fabric that is particularly resistant to abrasion and wear.