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L NORTIK TREKRAFT EXPEDITION It's a lightweight packraft with a hood and two storage pockets built into the air tube. The Nortik TrekRaft combines two sports. Trekking and rafting. Thanks to its extremely small size, the PackRaft can be taken anywhere and thus significantly expands the range. Imagine being able to cross the river, lake or even fjord on a hike instead of having to go around it. Or you can hike along a river and then simply paddle back again. The Nortik Trekraft from the Expedition line has been expanded to include two waterproof storage pockets and is more comfortable, versatile and safe thanks to the canopy.
The TrekRaft is not comparable to a solid kayak, but it requires no practice to use and is practically impossible to tip over.

For the TrekRaft we recommend a 4-piece touring paddle with a length of 240 cm

  • TrekRaft with canopy
  • Length 230 cm
  • Width 92 cm
  • Weight 3800g
  • Package dimensions 50 x 25 cm
  • Yellow/black colour
  • inflatable seat
  • 2 waterproof storage pockets with zippers integrated into the air tube
    Lower center of gravity and less susceptible to wind when paddling
    Additional safety feature thanks to the body's floating function in case of a hole in the outer shell
  • Bag, filling bag and repair kit are included

Nortik Trekraft Expedition PackRaft - material

High performance ultra-light TPU. The air hoses are coated on both sides and not just on the outside. Even if the outer layer is damaged, the inner lining still ensures the waterproofness of the material. The floor is extra reinforced. The TrekRaft is welded (as far as possible) and not just sewn/glued.