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The Scorch is the culmination of decades of evolution, combining and refining industry-leading design features such as Burn (uncompromising sharp rails), 9R (volume distribution and bow rocker) and Ripper (fast and agile planing hull); the hybrid rocker profile adds to this with the progressive bow rocker which is efficient in motion, gliding even in the most difficult situations, while the stern kick-rocker moves the rear edge of the boat away from the edge of the waves and guarantees jumps away from holes lurking; a subtle balance between length and edge brings speed and maintains precise lines, even in churning, unpredictable waters; and the generous but carefully thought-out volume keeps you on the surface and gives you the ability to carry all the essentials without blocking paddle strokes.

This is a kayak suitable for all kayakers both for those who want to refine their technique and descend safely and for experts who are looking for precision and speed.



Sizes S M L
Length 259cm / 8' 6" 267cm / 8' 10" 279cm / 9' 1"
Width 62cm / 24.5" 63cm / 25" 65cm / 25.5"
External Cockpit Length 95cm / 37.5" 95cm / 37.5" 95cm / 37.5"
External Cockpit Width 49cm / 19" 49cm / 19" 49cm / 19"
Volume 265l / 70(us)gal 310l / 82(us)gal 340l / 90(us)gal
Hatch Volume
Weight 21kg / 46lb 23kg / 50lb 24.5kg / 54lb
Optimum Paddler Weight 40-70kg / 88-165lb 65-90kg / 145-200lb 80-115kg / 175-255lb


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