WRSI Current Pro
WRSI Current Pro
WRSI Current Pro
WRSI Current Pro

WRSI Current Pro

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Modeled after the popular Current helmet, the WRSI Current Pro features the same advanced technologies and luxurious comfort with additional safety features to enhance protection in riskier paddling conditions.
  • A multi-impact shell combines with an EVA foam liner and a polyurethane under-shell to effectively dissipate impacts.
  • The adjustable O-Brace harness fits the back of the head to help keep the helmet securely positioned.
  • Interconnect retention system holds the helmet securely in place under hydraulic forces. When the force of the water pushes the helmet back, the interconnection system self-adjusts to hold the helmet securely in place.
  • The removable and perforated earpads are designed to provide extra warmth and reduce wave impacts without interfering with hearing.
  • A soft, breathable lining compresses and adjusts for a secure, comfortable fit.
  • Easily remove the cover to dry, wash or replace.
  • The visor keeps the sun and rain out of your eyes and adds an extra layer of protection for your face.
WRSI stands for Whitewater Research and Safety Institute, an organization founded to promote whitewater safety awareness and technology.
Cut Circ. (cm) Circ. (in)
S / M 53 - 56 20.9 - 22.0
M / L 56 - 59 22.0 - 23.2
L / XL 59 - 62 23.2 - 24.4